The Illinois-Midwest PBIS Network

Is an educational organization at SASED that supports implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports in state, local, and community agencies throughout the Midwest. A partner with the OSEP funded National PBIS Technical Assistance Center, The Network develops the capacity of schools to prevent problem behaviors, promote positive school culture, and to evaluate the impact on both social and academic success of all youth, including those with the highest level of need.

Hot Topics 

Announcing SWIS 5.2 release. Visit the Evaluation Page for further details. 

Jan '14 Update Newsletter, focusing on the impact of PBIS on students with disabilities in Illinois schools.

National  News: US Depts. of Ed. and Justice release federal guidance on school discipline and discrimination, emphasizing  prevention and positive school environments. Visit website for guidance package and resources.

New Self-Assessment Tool (replaces PoI): Implementation Inventory trainings starting soon